Have you Ever Been to a Civilian Western Restaurant?

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In the 1950s, the Western restaurants were perceived as restaurants of the highest class in Hong Kong. They were a venue where wealthier clientele could hang out for a date or tasting a nice piece of steak. Ordinary Hongkongers could rarely afford to go to these types of eateries. It was not just a matter of affordability, you also needed to have the right kind of clothing in terms of suits and nice dresses. In the 1960s, bing sutts (literally ice rooms) emerged as a middle-class version of Western restaurants. In those days, Hong Kong buildings often came with high ceilings, so ceiling fans could be installed to ensure that there was a cool environment for punters to enjoy their iced drinks – such as red bean ice. While the “ice rooms” were not as grand as the Western restaurants, the environment was somehow elegant and comfortable and thus became increasingly popular. With the rise of the cha chaan teng (literally tea restaurants), the masses could enjoy a variety of flame cooking food at a faster pace though missing an elegant touch.