Source of Information

Interview with Mr Cheng Po-hung; in addition to material from his book – A Century of Kowloon Streets《九龍街道百年》

Interview with Mr Cheng Po-hung, Mr Chan of Sun Kwong Nam Restaurant, Grandma Chan and Mr Ho who have run their stalls on Fife Street for many years; and taking reference from the website of Hong Kong Memory; and the RTHK programme – 《幻彩流金上海街》

Interview with Mr Cheng Po-hung; Facebook -「歷史時空」 (Historical Space):Bird Street and Canton Road, Mong Kok in 1979; RTHK’s programme in 2016 – Episode 3 of 「想講就講香港地」; Oncc’s report on 《搜查線:雀仔街一隅匠人緊守雀籠工藝》; Research Report of Hong Kong Education City – 《別了。康樂街。別了…》;Article in – 《最後一位鳥籠製作師》

Interview with Mr Cheng Po-hung; taking reference from material from the website of the Industrial History of Hong Kong – 《Wah Mei Electric – Leading Distributor of Electronics from the 1920s to 1960s and related firms》

Interview with Mr Chung Hon-keung of Wing Hing Bicycle Shop and Kung Sheung Cycle Company

Using material from Eat and Travel Weekly – 《世紀良藥單眼佬涼茶》

Interview with Mr Wai Hon-wing of Luen Cheong Leather Goods Company

Interview with Grandma Chan who has run her stall on Fife Street for many years and Mr Chan of Sun Kwong Nam Restaurant; taking reference from article in by Mr Simon Go – 《暖水壺有膽給我滾》and Apple Daily’s report – 《遊戲人間水壺醫生》

Interview with Mr Chan of Sun Kwong Nam Restaurant and staff members of Hung Wan Cafe

Apple Daily report《周日風景:補闕.拾遺修補回憶中的美(1)》, an article by Li Meng – 「王世襄《明式家具珍賞》的版權公案」; and a report from Kknews -《香港,明式家具復興的橋頭堡》

Taking reference from Hong Kong Memory – 《1881年港督就人口普查報告書在立法局上發表演說》;Hong Kong Pop Culture – 《口立濕,香港人一聽就知道是指涼果,但實情為甚麼要叫口立濕呢?》;San Po Yan – 《涼果店市道差守業難「口立濕」藥效遭忽視》;D100 Radio – 「百年老字號涼果繼承人同你講涼果行業唔同年代故事」

Interview with Mr Cheng Po-hung